Practical Ways To Improve Voice Call Quality On Android Device

It will be a horrible call drop or unclear voice calls when you are in a serious call on your android smartphone with someone. A couple of years ago, this issue was at its peak with the low signals and the network. Court has committed to the issue and warned the mobile network companies to provide a better service for the Millions of users for the charges they are paying. But now almost all companies have turned to the VoLTE network and have almost very good services. But still, there is some issues. Here in this post, you will learn how to improve voice Call quality with your android device.

Deal with VoLTE SIM Slot

If you are using a VoLTE network, and 4G SIM card, your android smartphone may have one slot that is VoLTE enabled and the other one Non-VoLTE enabled. This is on some old smartphones, but now all the smartphone manufacturers are allowing both the SIM slots are VoLTE enabled. So if you are using some old model smartphone, Insert the SIM card that uses the VoLTE network on the SIM slot with VoLTE enabled. No matter if you are using the smartphone both slots are 4G enabled. I highly recommended you put your regularly using SIM card on Slot One.

Using Calling Apps On Your Device

There are many VoLTE apps Like JioCall app that are available to make calls rather than using the traditional dial-pad. These VoLTE apps are specifically designed and developed to make better video and voice call experience with your SIM Connection. The app interface should have various features and its main interface is the dial pad that is much similar to our smartphone default Dialing pad. From there users can make calls just by typing the number or selecting from the phone contacts. This application acts as an intermediary between your smartphone and network and makes a very significant improvement in call quality, thus the users will get high-quality Calls. These apps make use of Internet packets of data for making voice and video calls instead of the normal calls that are carried out Via signals.

You can also use these apps to control the SIM card inserted on the wireless routers. For example, if you are a Jio SIM user, then you can use the SIM card of JioFi WiFi modem (Managed with Jiofi.local host) and can control the SIM Via this application that is installed on your device, moreover, you must be connected with the JioFi device Via WiFi network.

Some of the VoLTE apps are:- Jio4GVoice/JioCall, Airtel VoLTE, Verizon, etc.

Make Use Of WiFi Calling

WiFi Calling is the new era voice call services that make use of wifi network to make calls if you lack network signals. Not all the networks and smartphones support wifi calling. since it is the beginning stage of the technology, limited networks, and the high-end smartphones have the features of wifi calling. This technology will grow in little time and will be expected in near future. so now all the networks are trying to provide wifi calling for their subscribers. Wifi calls give you crystal clear voice and video calls with your supported smartphone. No problem if you are under any WiFi network providers. Just turn on the WiFi calling features on your android and iOS smartphones and enjoy high-quality voice calls.

Check your Hardware Devices

Make sure you are using the fine quality hardware such as speaker on the device, earphone, etc. Very old hardware parts may cause the lowering the voice call quality on your smartphone. Check your device board and chips if you are experiencing low-quality voice calls. Connecting the earphone jack to properly, increasing calls volume while making calls, etc are the simple hacks that you can use with the hardware specifications. Also, make clean your speaker holes that are accumulated with dust particles.

Make both sides of the participant using the same Network

This is a little bit tough to accomplish and anywhere a possible way to improve the call quality. If you are making a call to your friend and have 2 sim cards (networks) using, then call to the network number having good network coverage or that you are using the network as exact the same as another end. This will helps you to enjoy better quality voice calls on your mobile device.


Here we are going to conclude our post. Here I have listed some of the practical ways to improve call quality of voice calls. To be frank one more thing Just chose a better network that has high coverage network to get better services. if you have chosen the best network providers, and experiencing any issue, you can try the above-mentioned ways to improve call quality. Now almost all the network operators are turned into the 4G Network by upgrading their network towers.

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