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QuickBooks have indeed made a strong position in the online market to become one cost-effective and highly helpful accounting software. Handling finance, accounting, reporting is pretty prompt, and reliable along with the best payroll management solution that it offers. If you have ever used payroll in QuickBooks, you are aware of the quality support and result that it brings into your every month payrolling. If you have never used QuickBooks for payroll processing, you are missing a lot. It might sound intimidating, but it is not! Payroll Processor is easier than you think it is, this guide will take you through the process and give you better clarification.

Payroll Processing: QuickBooks

It is the act of a business owner to manage the payments of each employee. It tends to cover a larger aspect from inputting the employee details into the software, to submitting paycheck and reports in detail. Being a small business owner, the chances for you to handle payroll manually!

As the team gets bigger, payroll becomes time-consuming and it can be too tricky to maintain payroll manually. That’s when payroll software comes into the picture giving hands-on experience for HR to maintain payments.

What’s the responsibility of the Payroll Processor?

The payroll processor has a lot of responsibility for maintaining, creating, the payroll details for all the employees, new ones and the existing ones. New employee information has to be inputted in it like date of joining, designation, working hour, salary, etc. However, the old employee details are already present in the software if you have done it earlier.

It performs a few of the key activities like

  1. Creating employee information
  • New employee details
  • Date of separation
  • Appointment changes resulting in the payroll
  • Benefits to the employee (Medical, retirement, disability0
  1. Maintain and create payments and recurring deductions too
  2. Maintain crucial employee leave information
  3. Maintain as well as create bonds purchasing
  4. Crucial employee personnel


Processing payroll is not just about compensating each of the staff in your organization, but you do more than that. You make sure the legal requirement from your business is thoroughly maintained, and fairness, transparency is shown. Now, if you want to maintain a systematic payroll processing, here is everything you should know about it.

Choose payroll

First and foremost, choose a payroll system. If you want you should handle it yourself with QuickBooks Workforce software, as its guides you well. However, if you can’t, hire a professional HR with experience in payroll management

Maintain Payroll Policy

Have a good payroll strategy handy! It must include the payment details of each employee along with the payment method. The policy will keep you in check, and make sure you align your payroll processing and recording according to the policy.

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Employee Information

Having your employee information ranks on top, your payroll processor must have every detail of the employee. The 2-4S AND 1-9s as well as another form. This way, you have complete information ready in front of you anytime you want.

Direct Deposit Setting up

Setting up a direct deposit by connecting your business bank will ensure the fastest payroll processing done in no time. Also, your employees will be motivated knowing that the salary will be on time every month because of the software.

Time tracking system 

You need to make sure that an employee gets what he/she deserves, no less no more very accurate payments. This can be done if you have a tie tracking system that calculates the number of hours works, leave taken, etc.

Employee Timesheet

Now is the time when you add up all the details and make sure not a single mistake occurs! Add up the time tracked, see if there is any error, and then make sure you run payroll for each employee properly.

Approve/ Submit

Now is the time when you need to be sure that the last and final result of payment for each employee is accurate. Payroll recording and processing is completed so you need to submit the payments systematically

Report/ Update

Reporting will ensure that you know where, when and how much the money has been spent. Keeping up-to-date payroll records will help you have a correct and accurate financial estimate too. Also, for a further business audit, you can make use of the reporting, as it is permissible by law.

Following the above step, one by one will make sure you get the right help for payroll processing. QuickBooks indeed have made life for business easier and efficient. You can do so many things and complicated calculations easily. It gives you the wings to fly your business high without making errors and being accurate most of the time. Payroll is a sort of motivation for an employee to not worry about their payments ever.

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