Rakuten Payment App Now To Be Loaded With Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have been finding their importance in terms of payment used in big payment giants like PayPal and Mastercard. Currently, cryptocurrencies have become more popular after getting accepted by the online retail giant, Rakuten. 

As far as the latest update, the latter online retail firm, loading of the Rakuten Payment app can be done with top digital currencies like the dominant ones including BTC, the ETH, and BCH.  

The bonus is also offered to people for holding Rakuten Cash through digital assets.

We are all aware of the popularity of the American e-commerce company, Amazon. Rakuten is also a popular e-commerce firm from Japan. Its recent decision of benefiting customers with its ample products and services like mobile, e-books, and travel.

Now buying goods at top firms like McDonald’s, and more. Moreover, you can load the payment app by making the best use of digital currencies. 

Most crypto proponents from Japan have given thumbs up to this new innovative development by the online payment giant Rakuten.

In Japan, it came as a big, remarkable development as per the tweet of an individual. Now it will be easy to make payments at top fast food and convenience store companies.

Leveraging Crypto Wallet Of Rakuten

As per the details of the announcement of an online retail firm, Rakuten, now topping up funds with cryptocurrencies can be done with the purchasing function of Rakuten Cash. 

But to perform this operation, leveraging the crypto wallet of Rakuten is very important. 

Also, customers will be at the benefit of getting the bonus point while making the best use of the operation of Rakuten Cash purchase with cryptocurrencies.

Managing Of Crypto Assets By Rakuten Company

There will be a small charging amount of 1K Yen, and an upper limit of 100K Yen according to the press release. 

The loading can be done all day, and also on weekdays through the Rakuten payment app and the crypto wallet of the retail company.

There will be no charging fees if you go for conversion.  You need to open a trading account to utilize Rakuten crypto wallet.  

According to Rakuten, you should be installing a smartphone app basically for the purpose of trading. 

Rakuten always aims for customer satisfaction. And it does by giving them benefits in making the best use of new methods. 

Besides this, it also lets them know how to manage the crypto asset simply with profit. 

Rakuten became friendly with crypto technology, including the digital ledger with the launch of RBL (Rakuten Blockchain Lab) in the United Kingdom five years ago. 

In the following two years, the retail giant also obtained a project of the crypto trading platform (exchange) called Everybody Bitcoin Inc for a big some million yen. 

Last year in August, Rakuten launched this cryptocurrency exchange. 

With the use of the Rakuten crypto app on the smartphone, it allows customers to withdraw or deposit Japanese fiat currency and the same for cryptocurrencies at all hours.  

If you use Rakuten crypto app from your smartphone, you will find that it will allow you to deposit and withdraw Yen (Japanese currency) within 24 hours. 

The current crypto boost by Rakuten has made people buying services and goods with top cryptocurrencies with Rakuten payment app has led to the more upward rise of the crypto industry.

Brief Facts About Rakuten

After getting to know about the latest announcement regarding the loading of the Rakuten payment app with major cryptocurrencies, now let me give you brief information about the company Rakuten. 

It is a Japan-based online e-commerce firm. During the 90s, a Japanese entrepreneur, Hiroshi Mikitani became the person behind the foundation of Rakuten.

Rakuten Ichiba, a Business Market e-commerce platform, is also the well-known and biggest Japanese-based online retail site. 

It deals with other business aspects including digital content, ebook Kobo, mobile, messaging app (Viber), financial technology to online banking.

All these carry the name of Rakuten. Talking about Rakuten’s mobile career, its members have reached billions worldwide. It functions in several countries (ranging up to twenty-nine).

Four years ago in June, came a report by Rakuten stating its number of employees that are working around the world are around 14,826. 

Prime Holdings

It comprises prime holdings in Ebates, Tradoria, The Grommet, the United States, France with Buy.com and Priceminister, and others. 

The stakes of this e-commerce company include Careem, Acorns, AHAlife, and the other four.


Many from the crypto space have applauded the new step taken by the Rakuten e-commerce company regarding loading the Rakuten payment app with major digital currencies. 

It is considered a new development in the crypto world, as it will make people manage the crypto asset more efficiently with profit.

Already, cryptocurrencies and blockchain have been gaining prime importance in different sectors including aviation, hospitality, healthcare, travel, etc.

 And now with this current development, will certainly lead cryptocurrencies to gain a new height in terms of their use. 

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