How Rockstar’s Changed Fashion Forever

It all starts with the one and only Elvis Presley. Before he became a major star, fashion and music were not really related. It was Presley’s irresistible charisma that helped make music the primary channel for not only defining but also for influencing the young generation. During the 1950s, kids had both money and leisure time. They started to spend it on music and on the clothes their favorite rock stars wore. Soon, the teenagers began to carry out their personalities according to what they listened to.

The author of the book, ‘Elvis Style: From Zoot Suits to Jumpsuits’ stated that the King of Rock made it cool to be an outsider. With his style, he communicated that it is okay for males to dress in pink, or for white boys to go for zoot suits. Presley surely changed how the young Americans dressed. After his passing, rock stars became style influencers and so the world of fashion began to transform.

Rock Clothing: The Evolution

Although Elvis Presley influenced the youth with his style during the ’50s, it was a whole different story in the ‘60s. That decade belonged to The Beatles. The quartet inspired fans to wear black suits and Beatle boots.  However, as the ‘60s concluded, fashion got countercultural. After The Beatles, both style and sounds started to diverge from the country-flavored south rock of Lynyrd Skynyrd to over-the-top glam of Bowie, people began to experiment with their attire.

In the 1980s, pop music started to dominate the market but the grunge scene clapped right back at it. And so, thrift shops started to add a countercultural spin on popular garments such as checked shirts and knitted cardigans. During the ‘90s, rock music’s popularity quickly started to disappear as pop and hip-hop started to take over the world.

5 Rock Star Looks that Survived

Even though rock music didn’t remain as popular as it once was, there are some pieces that survived. Let’s have a look at them.

#1. Double-Denim

This piece was made famous by Elvis Presley when he wore it in Jailhouse. He wore it with a Breton top and denim jacket. This was hands down a killer combination which made him look so refreshing. It is a timeless look which you should definitely try. However, just update the attire with a slimmer cut.

#2. Leather Jacket

The leather jacket has become a staple clothing of rock music. This piece comes in various guises but what you need is a biker-style jacket that doesn’t necessarily have to look brand new. You can try matching it with leather trousers to make it a hip outfit. To look even more stylish, you can sport it with shades. This would certainly make your personality shine.

#3. Black Sunglasses

This is a must! No matter what you dress yourself in, wearing black sunglasses will definitely elevate your overall look. Plus, most rock stars like to rock it quite often with their exciting attires. It can go with almost any outfit you wear. Moreover, black shades would save your eyes from the bright sun rays.

#4. Converse

Converse has been a favorite for big rock stars such as Kurt Cobain. This is the reason why this basketball shoe is so popular among the rock music fans who wear it to different concerts. You can wear any style that you like whether it be a leopard print or plain white.

#5. The Suit

The suit is an essential piece that has been styled by many rock stars. But when it comes to rock and roll, it depends more on your personal preference. For instance, if you are a fan of Pulp then you should consider going with corduroy. If you like Specials then black is the color for you. Similarly, if you are a Jimi Hendrix fan then crushed velvet is the color you would like to go for.


The rock music scene has made a strong impression on the fashion world. It introduced many new trends that are still hip today. For instance, black boots and skinny jeans. These two items of clothing were frequently worn by The Strokes during the mid-2000s. You can still don them today but consider wearing a loose safari jacket with it. Also, you can even try going with Khaki pants. They would equally look chic. Another thing that is back in fashion today is tailoring. Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones is famous for wearing tailored suits with floral suits. You can do the same if you are a fan of this Rock and Roll Hall of Famer!

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