Samsung 32 inch TV: Should You Buy It This Year?

If you’re in the market for a good TV, you get many great brands in the 32-inch model. Samsung a pioneer brand maybe a good bet for you, Reliability, excellent after-sales service, and durability have put Samsung at the top of the charts where home appliances are concerned. With great after sales service that beats other brands in the market, Samsung has won the hearts of Indian consumers.

Perched at the top of the television industry up until 2019, the brand was swept aside when Chinese innovators like Xiaomi entered the market. Grabbing Samsung’s long-reigning crown, Xiaomi took the top spot with a 27 percent market share in 2020, followed by LG with 14 percent, and Samsung came in third place with 10 percent.

This forced the brand to innovate, and although Samsung has always prioritized innovation, especially in the TV market for a long time now, it had to really work hard to reprise itself. Chinese brands have out-positioned long-standing brands like Samsung, as they offer affordability and smart specifications of many flagship TVs.

Still, the 32 inch LED TV from Samsung (such as the Wondertainment model) have shown undeniable promise, as their evolution has excelled over every season. Furthermore, 32 inches is also a favourite size for the Indian consumer.

Samsung’s Key Technology

Recently at the Consumer Electronic Trade Show, Samsung launched its new QLED TV range. These feature quantum dot displays. With all the right cues from the fast growing area of quantum computing, Samsung is the only brand to come out with TVs powered by dot displays.

These are, no doubt, high-end offerings in terms of TVs. Quantum dots are crystals of the minutes size made of semiconductor elements, and have great capacity for the absorption and emission of light. These TVs combine brilliant and vivid colour, and are energy efficient.

Granted, the Samsung 32 inch TV size doesn’t come with this technology, as it requires large screens to show off this new technology, but this has put Samsung back on the map with TV consumers. The new QLED TVs come in larger 55-inch plus models.

In the Samsung LED TVs, though you may pay a bit more, Samsung is worth it over all the other brands because its TVs last. It is one of the brands that has varieties of models in a 32-inch size, and with regular LED TVs plus LED smart TVs, these are TVs that offer great picture quality and vibrant colour.

Why Samsung LED TVs Are Worth It

When you buy a Samsung LED TV, especially a smart TV model like the Samsung Wondertainment Series UA32T430AKXXL, you can turn your TV into your back-up computer with its innovative PC mode.

Watch the TV bring you the latest virtual music, in a range of three colour tones. With screen mirroring technology, you can mirror images and videos from your smartphone onto your TV, and send these across your digital devices.

This 32-inch LED TV has all the qualities to make your viewing so immersive, you will be drawn into what you see. With HD picture quality that makes colours crisp and images detailed, and with PurColor technology, you will feel like you are at the heart of the action. The Ultra Clean View gives you authentic views with minimal distortion.

With a TV that has it all — and these features are in many of Samsung’s LED TVs, even if you don’t buy a smart TV model — the regular HD Ready 32-inch LED TV offers the most wonderful viewing experience that you can only dream of.

With prices that are affordable, and many models to suit your needs, it is wise to invest in a 32-inch LED TV from Samsung. Most Samsung TVs today are smart LED TVs, and you would be wise to buy a model from the range that Samsung offers.

With content partners like Netflix, Apple TV, and more, all your entertainment needs are met. Additionally, you get features like Auto Hotspot and Home Cloud to keep all your information secure.

Affordability and Quality

Buy any Samsung smart LED TV model or any TV from the range that Samsung offers in its Wondertainment Series and watch your world shine. You can pick your favourite model from a wide range of options on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, and pay with the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. Get great discounts, and make your purchase more affordable by shopping on the EMI Store.

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