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The advantages of Yoast Premium compared to the free version


One of the main arguments for the premium version is of course the support. If you like leafing through FAQs and Yoast’s own knowledge base, you won’t have any problems finding help. However, the premium version offers 24/7 support via email for one year.

In addition, the premium version not only has a preview of what the displayed snippet in the index will look like later. It also shows previews for Facebook and Twitter. So while you’re writing, you’ll see what your page will look like if someone shares it on Facebook or Twitter. The plugin shows you which text and which thumbnails are used in posts so that you can make changes before you press the “Publish” button. If you don’t want to think about it for every article, you can simply set a template for the social media meta data in this SEO plugin so that it is always the right title and the right image in the right format.

When it comes to internal linking , the premium version automatically makes suggestions as to which of your pages you can link in the new article. And while you’re writing. No (internal or external) linking would be a waste of a good text or a well-running article. You cannot always keep all the pages and article types on your homepage in mind. However, the plugin can check all of your pages and make suggestions which would be suitable for internal linking. Internal linking is an important part of onpage optimization .

Content insight

Automatic Content Insight is particularly useful. It shows the five keywords that appear most frequently in the post. So you can quickly compare whether these correspond to the desired keyword for which the article should rank or whether another focus keyword has crept in. This is particularly helpful if you like to deviate from the topic in the page title while writing. BTW: If you want to optimize a text for more than one focus keyword, you can use Premium to create several keywords for which your text should be optimized.

A redirect manager is also included as a feature in Yoast SEO Premium. Redirect plugins are available in the plugin store free of charge and like a dime a dozen. However, sometimes it is better if everything comes from a single source and you don’t have any additional installation. No user ends up in 404 nirvana and the dashboard is clear.

Internet Marketing Digression

A little Internet Marketing excursus on redirects: If you want to switch from the URL with www.meinehomepage.de/456132 to a speaking URL such as www.meinehomepage.de/here is a lot of important things, for example, you should redirect the old page to the new URL. If you wrote an article about new buildings ten years ago under the URL www.meinehompage.de/neubauten2008 and you now want to write an updated version under the permalink www.meinehomepage.de/neubauten2018 and delete the old article, it should of course click on the Link new ones and no user land on a 404 error page . In addition, all the old links will then link to your pages and it will get off to a good start in the search results. Make sure the title and URL are similar for both.

The premium version of the SEO plugin also offers a CSV export.  But that is Sisyphean work. With the installation of the premium version you can easily export this table including SEO scores to a CSV file and download it. This feature saves time.

Last but not least, in contrast to the free version, this premium version is of course ad-free for all article types. For this you pay 79 euros net for one year including support and updates.