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The Evolution of Pizza Boxes

Pizza Boxes

Just like the art of perfecting the modern pizza evolved with the advent of the Italian staple-turned-global delicacy, the pizza boxes have found itself go through similar evolutions with mankind’s growing desire to carry their beloved oven-fresh pizzas to wherever they want, or have the goodness of an aromatic pizzeria delivered to the comfort of their homes.

History of pizza boxes:

This desire fueled the industrial advancement that allowed makeshift attempts at packaging pizzas (ranging from cake boxes to plates with paper bags) to be replaced by the modern day corrugated cardboard pizza boxes that we have gone on to know and readily adopt throughout the globe. It is often believed, especially by brand historians, that the modern-day pizza box was in fact invented by none other than the Domino’s pizza chain.

As the culmination of their attempts to expand their business and delivery radius well-beyond the immediate vicinity of the pizzeria. While this fact remains in dispute, partly due to the fact that Domino’s as a company itself never applied for any such patents for the pizza box design, it was however, the first pizza chain in the world to adopt and deploy pizza boxes on a very large scale.

Patent disputes aside, one would assume that after the modern, stackable pizza box arrived, nothing more was needed to be done. That is a far cry from the truth, as with the passage of time and modern developments, the modern pizza box is getting further upgrades.

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The trend of pizza delivery and role of boxes:

Let us consider the problem with delivering pizzas; no one wants their pizza to be either cold, or would they want their pizza’s crisp crust to feel soggy due to all the trapped heat within the box causing excessive condensation. Everyone wants their pizza to be fresh and hot, just like when they are served at the restaurant.

If either of the problems occur, it will severely impact the customer experience of the pizza which was meant to taste and feel like exactly as how you would order it in a restaurant or pizzeria. You cannot simply add too many vents in your pizza box and risk making it cold or add very few vents and risk making your pizza soggy. So, what do you do to deliver your customers a piping hot and tasty pizza?

Cue in the insulated pizza delivery sleeve; it is the coveted bag your pizza delivery guy takes your prized and delicious pizza out from like Santa delivering your much deserved presents, and just like Santa Clause, your pizza delivery guy needs to ensure he delivers the rest of your fellow members of the pizza fraternity their pizzas exactly the same way as every pizzeria would want their customers to be satisfied.

This advancement essentially separated the heat preservation problem from the condensation problem by making sure the pizza boxes have enough vents to keep the pizza ventilated, while the heat from all the pizzas stacked in the bag is preserved within the insulated sleeve, thus ensuring ventilation without significant heat loss and this ensures that your pizza remains fresh and hot while it is being delivered to its destination.

Similarly, with the growth of the pizza delivery industry and the growing bulk of pizza orders, stacking pizza boxes sometimes meant that the bottom-most pizzas got slightly squished, but just enough for the top flap to stick to the piping hot cheese and by the time the customer opened the box, the thawed cheese would just rip off of the pizza, robbing it of its cheesy goodness people know and love.

Pizza Boxes Bulk

The solution? The miniature “tables” we see planted on our pizza when we open the pizza box. Those tables may look like an addition to the fancy look of pizza, or children may take it to play with it, but those tiny tables serve an important role. These small tripod stands ended up becoming such a functional masterpiece,  that currently there is not even an official name or description for this device, neither does anyone care, because the purpose it serves became far more adored and celebrated, arguable as much as the advent of the pizza box itself.

These small tables help in keeping your pizza in one place and also the height of these tables is higher then the pizza so that the upper flap of the pizza box does not destroy the pizza as these tables maintains the gap between the upper flap and the pizza.

Final words:

All these small evolutions in pizza boxes wholesale manufacturers has today helped in making a greater change. These advancements in the making of pizza boxes have made it easy for a pizzeria to deliver a delicious, fresh, and hot pizza which then ensures keeping their customers satisfied and happy. The smart use of cardboard boxes to deliver food has changed the dynasty of many restaurant’s delivery process.