The Future of E-Commerce: Are You in Or Out?

If you are an entrepreneur with a digital marketing agency, you can’t imagine starting a business without making the internet, E-commerce into use. Often seen as the revolutionary aspect of the contemporary world, the internet is perhaps one of the most valuable tools in any business.

That said, being online is not the be-all and end-all of everything. Consumers just don’t want to find you online every time they do research, they want you to be able to reach out and conduct business with them on their own terms and conditions.  This is where e-commerce business comes in handy. From the use of IQ robotics to the quick efficiency in packing and delivering orders, the world of e-commerce is getting advanced with each passing day.


This article sheds light on the future of e-commerce and which course of action you need to take to keep yourself updated and progressive with it. Continue reading!

Get Mobile or Get Lag Behind 

Well, it’s a very obvious statement but many people don’t bother to adhere. That is to say, mobile-e-commerce is replacing traditional online shopping. It had been forecasted that mobile e-commerce would reach $218 billion by 2019. Moreover, it would continue to increase by 45 per cent in 2020. As we witness, the estimations turned out to be true. Many people are buying online and this is a lot of purchase. 

From Amazon to Apple, people are constantly hitting the “buy now” button directly from their phone. It’s one of the fastest and convenient methods nowadays. As a busy worker with 12-hours of working on a daily basis, there’s no time left to carry out any other physical activity. And that is why mobile e-commerce is playing its part. 

Get Personal (Real)

Apart from giving personalized product recommendations, e-commerce is abridging the gap between the market and the consumer by offering highly advanced systems. Big brands like Sephora are taking the internet by storm and modifying their website to the new level. They also give options to customers to try on a product virtually and buy the same in just a few clicks.

Thanks to machine learning, brands can conveniently translate in-store experience straight to a consumer’s mobile device. And of course, that means more sales. While personalized shopping once used to mean suggestions based on your previous shopping, now it has gained an entirely new level due to advancement in technology.

Be Innovative with Technology

If your business features a product or offers a service that is selling like a hot cake, setting up mobile e-commerce is the next level you need to accomplish. Imagine selling a product and getting the money straight in the account without even delivering it to the customers. And obviously who doesn’t like to receive late-night orders and fill up their inbox the next day?

Create a Community

Most probably it’s a trust thing that most people like to buy those things that are recommended by some of their friends or family. According to a Nielson study, 83% of people are more likely to trust these suggestions. That said, we also trust the opinions of others we don’t know personally. Another study suggests that most of us trust online reviews and recommendations the same way we believe in personal recommendations.

So, what does this mean? It signifies that buying online is not an individual activity. It has become a wholesome task that is revolving around a community. Warby Parker, for instance, has taken the idea of recommendations and community to the next level. Who would have suggested you could buy eye lenses online? And what about posting a picture of you online and asking people their opinions about the best looks on you? That’s exactly what this brand created. It enhances the capability of the person to shop online for the things they never shop before while asking input from their social community.

If you are not planning to build a community and still want people to talk about your brand online, there are bright chances that you would lose out your potential business.

E-Commerce Is Changing

Today every e-commerce business is getting on mobile and that is something every entrepreneur needs to embrace. If you are not willing to adopt this idea, it’s time to think again. This is because, with the passage of time, things become more and more sophisticated and streamlined. From Instagram shopping ads to fulfilment warehouse services that won’t let the products get out-of-stock, e-commerce is revolutionizing the world at an unprecedented rate.

In all, take a look at your current e-commerce strategy (or lack thereof) and see how you can run technology, ideas and community- altogether.

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