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The Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media

Social Media

If you are a millennial, claiming that social media has not shaped your behavior one way or another, then you must be lying. Social media has completely changed the behavior of this generation in a matter of 2 decades and will shape the behavior of all the upcoming future generations.

This is due to the fact that in total, a person spends a minimum of 5 years and 3 months on social media with enough attention during his/her lifetime.

Just like the famous quote from the movie Spider-Man ‘With great power comes great responsibility’, similarly for social media, with great influence and shaping of behaviors, comes positive and negative effects as well.

The 4 possible positive and negative effects of social media shall be discussed in the following.

The Positive Effects


Businesses, especially the startups are hungrily in search for a platform to promote their brand, increase market shares and earn higher returns, where social media serves as a perfect tool.

Globally, there are more than 5 million brands promoting themselves on Facebook, let alone the whole social media and in 2017 alone, the spending on advertisement only on social media were 16% of all the digital ads.

It is due to social media where businesses can easily connect with their customers, allowing the businesses to gain competitive advantage.


Social media has helped students at an academic level with information transparency, breaking the traditional norms of visiting library, improving skills and personal development.

Also, there are students who join social educational groups on platforms like Facebook, enabling them to contact experts who provide best dissertation writing help UK services for university level without compromising quality.

Furthermore, with the uncertainty of pandemic, social media promotes educational institutions in every area, giving innovative style for advanced learning online.


During this era of increased unemployment, expenses and lower pay scale due to financial crisis, social media provides an opportunity for self-taught skilled individuals to earn online.

It gives the opportunity to earn from the comforts of their homes and make a living.

Besides, with the help of social media, freelancers gain potential to set up their own business.

Global Village:

Social media provides an opportunity to keep the society, whether it be family, job or formal meetings, connected around the world.

It brings transparency, where an individual in Asia can see the infrastructures of Africa and even shop online from Europe with a click of a button.


The Negative Effects


Social media gives individuals the opportunity of committing crimes such as identity theft, phishing, frauds and illegal trafficking online.

It is mainly dangerous for small business since more than 43% of them globally have fallen victims of cybercrime, resulting in huge financial losses, where it is found that 59% of their own employees are the one who steal company’s private data, for their own advantage or when they get redundant.

Globally, every 1 in 5 organizations have been affected by some sort of cybercrimes.

Personal Data Security:

Did you know, there are over 3 billion images shared on social media per day publicly, with high probability of stealing pictures and using them for blackmailing or harassment.

Due to these factors, people have been affected with mental health issues, paranoid, loss of sleep, mood swings and being mentally disturbed.

In addition, there are often times individuals forget to log out where hacking becomes an easy target, keeping personal data unsafe.

Inferiority Complex:

It is sometimes a human tendency to share personal happiness with extensive comparison.

Studies have found that any kind of comparison on social media creates symptoms of depression, unhappiness and provoking jealousy.

It is an obvious fact that some individuals can easily be blindfolded by deception, so comparison and inferiority complex is inevitable at some point, potentially triggering the negative effects.


An interesting fact is that people happily admit their addiction to social media with ease. There have been studies proving that relationships and social media addiction are corelated.

According to new social media addiction statistics, 1 in every 3 divorces are somehow related to social media disagreements with addiction as a factor.

There have been many cases of individuals being hospitalized or committing suicide due to social media addiction. To list a couple, a 27-year-old pregnant lady was hospitalized due to excessive usage of WhatsApp while a 15-year-old girl named Tallulah Wilson, committed suicide since she was not granted her mobile device.


It All Depends on the User

Everything in this world carries a negative effect where it all depends on the user. A user can even convert trash into something beneficial, while another user can waste a treasure for a destructive cause. Same is the case with social media, where positive or negative effect totally depends on the user.