The Rise in Malicious Attacks and What to Take From It

Cyber-security, in today’s time has been not only the most important step for all the organizations but also one of the crucial measures to master. With that being said it’s quite evident why all the organizations have turned to cybersecurity Consultancy Services for professional aid and assistance. Talking about cyber threats like network breach and data theft is fairly common in today’s market scenario and has gradually successfully brought down some of the biggest organizations in the global market. The rise in popularity of regulations like GDPR is nothing but a standing fact that every Nation around the world has assessed this critical situation and are becoming up towards mitigating it completely.


Talking about the global market and their proprietary steps towards mitigating cyberattacks, let’s not narrow down to small and medium scale businesses and focus on established conglomerates for a change. If we consider the recently published articles, it is to be said that the technical giant Microsoft Incorporation was subjected to a data breach that affected a fairly large number of customers from across the world. According to this report, an unsecured database has exposed some sensitive data of the uses of Microsoft Bing’s search engine’s mobile application. This network breach leaked search queries, location coordinates, and other search terms and are arguably enough to retrieve personal information of the users. When Microsoft was held for comment, the spokesperson clarified that the amount of information that has been leaked is small and de-identified which means there is no threat to the customers whatsoever, and information is secure because the server has been protected. The gap between the attack and the action taken was of 6 days, and we all know for a fact that in situations like these, 6 days is an awfully long time.

To sum it all up, we can say that, a threat to cyber-security is becoming a serious issue, and in times like these, where every nation is trying to be the strongest, these threats have paved their way into the corporate world. As we earlier discussed, this network breach also includes location coordinates, which means, the personal data of all the customers who have accessed the mobile application from 10th September to 16 September are at potential risk of data theft. Some companies like Wizcase, have argued that the location coordinates and device information that have been believed are enough to perform Subsequent blackmail attacks or phishing attempts.


If you take a look at threats like these and think that you should take professional cyber security consultancy services to protect your phone it would be the most basic measure to take on your part. Many organizations overlook this critical situation and think that they can successfully safeguard their network infrastructure in accordance to all the trending threads like phishing and blackmail attacks dead target mostly the customers on a personal level. even though this notion is not completely wrong but to think that you can focus on the cybersecurity threats as well as the management responsibilities of your organizations you are wasting two of the most precious resources you can ever have, that are time and money.  The first step you should take is the assessment of all the risks that are possibly laid out in front of you. This includes certain undiscovered threats in certain sections of your operations that might lead you and your organization to cyber threats that could affect your entire existence and the market altogether.

After accepting these risks now is your time to hire the best cybersecurity consultant so that you can be sure that you are getting the professional aid that your competitors receiving. This will ensure that you are safe to proceed in the market and compete without any threat.

On a concluding note, if you wish to get the quality consultancy services that most of the medium and large scale firms are getting, you can do your own part of the research and pick out the best cybersecurity consultancy firm for yourself, just like I found. When I was searching for the same for my organization, I came across Assured GRC and its comprehensive consultation services that helped me in building a resilient network structure. If you’re looking for something similar, you can look Assured GRC up.

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