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Things You Need To Know About Mobile App Pricing Strategy

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Today, the app industry is growing all around. We find millions of apps already exist in the Google play store and Apple App Store, with numbers of app launches every month. The research shows that last year the majority of people were consuming time on their smartphones. For any app developer, creating a great app takes a central platform. For any start-up, the app development method is quite challenging. They require to estimate the amount of time need to develop each step, pay time on discovering, creating, and acquiring an application. In the end, any app developer their prime goal is to furnish excellent content to the end-users by following the pricing of digital products. Do not neglect the app and plan to build a scalable and successful mobile app business.

For this, one needs to define the product’s price, which chooses your app’s success in various downloads where user recognition has long operated. The whole app development process involves a lot of performance. It becomes hard to proceed with a determined price that will meet the app development work. The price settling for an app is required, and it depends on many factors.

What is a product pricing strategy? 

Pricing strategy is how you generate money from your mobile application. Every breakthrough approach has some business model following it. While first, you may only be focused on immediately launching a Minimum Viable Product, having a pricing strategy in position will simply assist you to form a robust product. 

Pricing a digital product may seem like an effortless job, but it certainly is not. Play Store and App store are lying with millions of mobile applications, and the types of pricing models for apps have evolved. But before we examine the kinds of mobile app pricing strategies, we would like to share some relevant insights that will help you make the right decision. 

Product pricing strategies for your mobile app: 


The first product strategy for the mobile app should be affordable for consumers. It is only legitimate to provide value to your customers at an affordable price. 

Invasion pricing strategy helps businesses bring new customers due to the moderate cost. It is deemed a classic approach because it practices behavioral psychology to drive consumers to buy the product. The pricing for any digital product should also take into record the sustainability of your company.

2. Create a product that users need 

The product should be built to direct user attention, and it must explain their problem. When you produce something that users want, it is easy to decide the price. Look for circumstances that can improve the value of your app.

To learn the mobile app pricing patterns, you should know the app development cost, which includes parts like the exact cost, the value the product appears, and the money needed to increase it. Possessing a sound understanding of the modern market trends is evenly essential, and working out new updates, and intensified functionality is the key when opting for a penetrative pricing guide.

3. Human Psychology and Behavior

Human psychology plays a vital role in deciding the price of your product. Consumers are following up with the rapid pace of technology. It is the growing rise in consumerism that steers the scope of advancements. Customers today are well-read; well informed, and they continually attempt to make a deliberate choice.  

For every product, there are many other alternatives available in the market, so how do you ensure a client that the consumer will select your product?  Simple, you must guarantee that the noted value of your product is higher than its price. A consumer should always feel that the price of your product is best and drawing into this section becomes all the easier when they do not have a source point, to start with.

Before taking a judgment, we humans tend to compare products with the options available in the business and compare their pros and cons. So, when planning the mobile app pricing strategy you must take into record other products available in the store, define your value statement, and ensure you are providing a more prominent value than your competitors.

4.Paid v/s free

Concluding, whether to begin an app for free or paid includes some factors, like the required amount of users. If you want to gather tremendous user support at once, free is the go-to choice.

With paid apps, users expect more innovations and functionalities. They unquestionably do not like spending every time a new improvement has come out; when the clients pay to avail in-app purchases, you must guarantee it offers enough value. 

5. What the business is prepared to pay

The right pricing strategy should turn around what the business is compliant to pay. And to learn that, you must examine your product at various price levels and see how the market acknowledges it. An application has a recurring revenue stream. To stay ambitious, you need to hit on new functionality and contribute regular updates. So it is necessary to holistically view the recurring income model and not bother about the revenue per price point. 

More often than not, mobile app developers strive for a product for free to garner an enormous user base and generate revenue from commercials. But later on, when you offer an upgraded product for a specific price, you had already devalued the product and can not sell it for more because the perceived value is low.  So, the excellent path is to experiment with your product at multiple price levels and see how the market responds to it. 

6. Know what your product and target customers necessitate

It is essential to understand early on that no one size suits all. What may have worked for someone else would not significantly work for you. There will be new events that you can drill into app development for startup. Think out of the box, be unique in your ways, and look out for substitute models to produce revenue. 

Final Words

The app prices cannot be the same, and developers have to be flexible enough to experiment with avarious pricing points. The strategy is to launch an app with a higher price tag and lower it after months.

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