Tips to Prepare for Physics, Chemistry & Maths to Crack JEE Advanced 2021

We all know JEE Advanced 2021 is one of the hardest exams in the country. There are lakhs of students every year who appear for the Jee paper. It is the responsibility of the national testing agency of the country to execute the jee exam every year.

The jee paper is split into two sections, the JEE Mains and the JEE advanced the needs of the students to clear the exams of the jee mains in order to get an opportunity to appear for the advanced jee paper.

At the jee advanced paper, the standard gets higher. To score well in the exam, students need to have top tips to crack the JEE Advanced exam 2021.

You will need to work hard to break JEE Advanced 2021 if you are also a Jee-aspirant to hit the list of toppers. If you’re still curious in JEE Advanced 2021 how to break then we have some techniques for you that can perform very well for a positive outcome. Let’s take a look: 

Preparation Strategy for JEE Advanced 2021

  • You should make a list of your weak areas to work on them. It has been observed that many students frequently make silly mistakes. This might be one of the factors for losing marks. It can be avoided if you focus and work on them in the right way. 
  • Practice makes a man perfect. Yes, this is true. If you prepare more, there would be greater chances to achieve your goals. Practicing mock tests and previous question papers will give you an idea of the kind of questions you might get in the exam.  This way you will be able to solve them in very little time.
  • Prepare a complete time table for your routine. Set a time to revise the syllabus. Revision is an excellent way to boost your performance.
  • Music plays an important role to improve concentration. Listening to your favorite music will help you to concentrate during the exam preparation and boost your confidence level.
  • Along with the study, it is equally important to take care of your overall health. Eating healthy food and drinking 7-8 glasses of water will keep you healthy. Also, don’t forget to take a quality sleep of 7-8 hours.

Top Tips To Crack JEE Advanced Physics

  • If you find physics is challenging for you, then all you need to do is follow the points mentioned below, you will definitely do well. 
  • Learning the formulas is an important aspect of physics since they can be utilized both in the theory and in numerical questions.
  • You must consider how formulas are derived. When you learn the derivatives, you can understand the topic and even learn formulas quickly. The derivative part is of the utmost importance in JEE advanced questions.
  • The scoring topics have to be given a bit more focus. Modern physics, wave optics, current reversing, sound waves, and thermodynamics are all important topics that can help in scoring good marks.
  • You must practice as much as possible if you are focused on achieving a top score. 

Tips to Crack JEE Advanced Chemistry

  • The subject of chemistry is interesting for many students. You don’t need to cram the concept.
  • First of all, you should concentrate on the basic fundamentals of Physical and Inorganic Chemistry. You need to invest your time in organic chemistry also. Altogether, you need a structure for your preparation.
  • Make sure you prepare notes for each subject while studying chemistry. It can enhance your understanding, and when you sit down to revise the topics, you will read these notes quickly. 
  • The periodic table is very important and should be learned properly.

Tips to Prepare for JEE Advanced Maths

  • There are many JEE aspirants who are unable to relate to the maths subject and fail to score good marks in the exam. Good command over maths plays an important role in cracking JEE advanced exam.
  • Practicing more with mock tests is one of the most effective ways to score good marks in this subject.
  • This whole subject is about the formulas. Again, you need to focus and remember all the formulas that are required to solve the problems. For your own convenience, you should keep handy formulas notes with you always.
  • Maths is the subject where you need to focus more on formulas and practice alongside.

If you still think you need assistance, you can check out the free video lectures from highly qualified and well-experienced trainers or can enroll yourself in the online JEE coaching. I hope these tips will help you to crack the JEE advanced exam and bring you closer to your bright future.


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