Top 5 Advantages of Azure Security Certifications

Cyber-attacks have become one of the fastest-growing crimes all over the world. Thus, the threat of cybersecurity to businesses has increased ten times. Prominent names in the market, such as Facebook, Uber and so on, got their customer information stolen and their privacy compromised. This suggests that either their system is at risk or cybercriminals have taken it to the next level.

Organizations are upgrading their security system and also focusing on hiring employees with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills to strengthen the company’s cybersecurity. To protect company sensitive data from hackers, it is crucial to train your cybersecurity team with Azure training. When it comes to certification, Microsoft is a trusted name. Microsoft has announced many new certifications which are focused on security portfolio. It’s high time for companies to consider professional Azure security certifications for their cybersecurity team.

Below are the top advantages that organizations can gain by offering Azure security certification to their cybersecurity team:

  • Prevention of risk

With the help of certifications, employees will gain knowledge about web safety and also, and they will be able to identify different online behaviour. The cybersecurity team can identify current and future security concerns. By increasing their employee’s awareness, organizations can avoid potential risks and implement techniques for the solutions.

With proper security training and certifications, employees can be trained with the best and update their knowledge about how tricky attacks can be avoided.

  • Secure environment

A team of certified cybersecurity professionals will establish a strong security environment within the organizations. It will reduce the risk of security breaches, and costs will be less. The team will be trained to take action immediately in case of a breach. Hence, organizations will be in a better position to secure its customer valuable information. It will further improve the execution of the organization’s standards, checksums, processes and policies.

  • Improve awareness

Azure security certification helps the employee to understand company policy and surfing behaviour associated with web security. The employees will learn about various devices and study hackers’ techniques and threats associated with social media interaction. Security training will improve employees’ awareness, which will contribute a lot of benefits to the organization. 

  • Better security for customers

For any organization, customers are everything. The best way to gain loyalty toward customers is to ensure maximum satisfaction and security. These days when hacking and breaches are widespread, it has become necessary for any organization to provide online safety to their customers. A trained cybersecurity team will build a secure organizational culture. They will motivate other employees, contractors and also customers. The organization should publish a safety note on their website to inform customers about the reliable services they offer.

  • Senior management support

In addition to offering azure security certifications to their cybersecurity team, companies must also offer certifications to their senior management level. This will guarantee senior management support to the cybersecurity team and maintain harmony within the organization. The employees will stay motivated and follow effective decision-making and excellent security behaviour. 

Azure architect certification

Azure is the fastest-growing cloud provider in the market. Microsoft Azure AZ 303 and AZ 304 exam will test the candidate’s skill in the various Azure services, which includes PaaS and SaaS features. Now there is a new exam with the name AZ-305.

Azure certification cost

There are five certifications which are grouped into three levels

  • Fundamental- The cost is $99
  • Associate- The cost is $165
  • Expert levels- The cost will be $330 to $495 for either two or three exams.

Azure learning path

The learning path consists of study plans which are updated regularly. Each path consists of labs, courses and exams to test the candidate’s knowledge in preparation for the azure certification examinations.


Azure has shown substantial growth in recent years. Hence many IT professionals are required to get a Microsoft Azure certification. The certification will help you to get better career opportunities in different sectors and locations. Companies are now focusing on a strong security system to protect data from cyber-attacks and secure customer information. Through azure security certifications, the cybersecurity team will have the required skills and knowledge to protect customer’s information from hackers.

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