Top 5 Trends That Will Change the Future of the Food Delivery Industry

The future of food will increasingly depend on technologies that help meet the need for healthy and “convenient” food at the same time. By 2050, supermarket shelves will be filled with functional products. Corporations will create food optimized for women, men and the elderly. Technologies will help to create the best nutritional profile for each demographic group, as well as for an individual diet.

Food Delivery 1. Electronic Tips

Most guests pay in establishments by bank transfer. The share of electronic payments is: 72% in restaurants, 63% in cafes and canteens, 62% in the fast food segment. These are the results of a study by Sberbank and the OFD Platform.

“They have practically no cash in their pocket: they make most payments by card or via ApplePay / GooglePay,”as we know about the financial habits of millennials.

To ensure that your waiters are not left without a tip under these conditions, introduce an electronic reward system.

  • Services for reading the waiter’s QR code.

Services such as Cloud Tips for Tipping are just perfect. Together with the check, the guest receives the waiter’s QR code, reads it using a smartphone and goes to the page where he can enter the tip amount and pay in any convenient way (by card, ApplePay and GooglePay).

This scheme is already working in several restaurants. And guests note the convenience of this approach (this can be judged by the reviews on Zoon and Tripadvisor).

  • Platforms from Visa and Mastercard.

At the end of 2019, Visa payment system together with Russian Standard Bank developed a platform for accepting non-cash gratuities. But it is not available to other banks.

After that,  Mastercard announced that it was planning to launch a similar option for customers by the end of 2020. It will work as follows: the waiter enters the required amount on the POS terminal, and the visitor puts a card to him to write off the funds.

2. Pre-order through the application

On demand delivery solution via mobile applications – a new standard in communication with guests and customers. For example, 67% of consumers want to learn about participating in loyalty programs this way (2019 Loyalty Barometer Report study)

You can integrate the option of mobile pre-order in your on-demand food delivery solution, where visitors can place an order in advance – while traveling by subway or in traffic. 

This will help you “tighten up” the audience that did not come before, because they could not wait for the preparation of dishes. For example, office employees will be able to run into your hookah even at lunchtime.  

Guests will come to you even in a hurry: they know that they will cook the soup quickly and there will even be time for dessert. Your average bill will grow organically.

3. Delivery

Another global and most transforming market trend in the restaurant industry is delivery. There are real time delivery tracking applications for the online delivery of products, food from cafes, restaurants have greatly changed consumers’ expectations regarding the speed and convenience of the services offered, so many market players will have to learn new rules of the game. The National Restaurant Association predicts that by 2020, 70% of customers will order food outside the restaurant and the millennials are at fault. 

The leaders of the upcoming segment of unmanned aerial vehicles are Uber Eats and Deliveroo. And they have an incredible advantage of speed and cost of delivery with the help of last mile delivery solution. On average, cars take 10 to 30 minutes to deliver food. Delivery by drone takes from 5 to 10 minutes, which means an increase in delivery by about 500% for restaurants.

Contact less delivery is the next level amid the corona pandemic that can help you grow your delivery business from the COVID-19.

4. Confectionery and bakery trend

According to recent research by the NPD Group, Russians spent more money in bakeries than in fast food establishments. Confectioneries also continue to conquer the market: there are more and more online formats, young and ambitious pastry chefs, special schools and online courses. This global trend has also affected the CIS countries. This is due to the consumer demand for inexpensive, but higher quality products prepared according to unique recipes. The more natural and fresh the product, the better. The market is still far from saturated, so in 2020 we will observe how this niche develops.

5. Location

In 2020, it is not enough to find a successful location, to make a fashionable interior and a delicious menu. Automation of establishments and communication with guests in an online format, as well as attention to trends in society, is becoming increasingly important. And the development and promotion of the project is based on openness and a sincere desire to form a positive experience with guests.

“The main trend is sincerity and honesty. Here it is – you, and you are real! This sincerity begins to create new paths. Not only in your business, but also in life.

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