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Travel Concierge vs Public Transport: What Should You Choose?


In recent years, professional/private concierge service has garnered more popularity in comparison to roadside taxis.

Gone are the days when yellow taxis were the only option to reach from one place to another. Now people who love to live their life in luxury and comfort opt for VIP concierge services. We all remember our prom days when a limousine was hired for a particular day. These limos and other travel concierge services are preferred by a lot of people. 

Here’s why –

  • Luxury – Who does not love a life of luxury? Right from the good old-fashioned limousines to a black car, you would definitely get the experience that you have always desired. Travel concierge services make sure that no matter how big your party is, the transport is always up to the mark! By hiring a personal car, you can reach any place on time in the way that everyone would always remember. 
  • Safety – Most important than anything, safety is what every individual looks for. While other public rideshare companies do a basic and unreliable background check, these automotive concierge services follow a rigid process. They always conduct proper screening tests in order to make sure that the travelling clients are in the hands of a completely safe and experienced driver.
  • Punctuality – While waving a hand to stop the taxi is a traditional method, it sure sucks up a lot of your time. Even if you book a public cab in advance, there are some occasions where they might be late. But this is something that you do not have to face with the VIP concierge services. Here if you book a car, you can be certain that you would reach the destination on time. A luxury car service always thrives for perfection so you can count on it.
  • Dependance – As compared to public transport, drivers of a personal concierge are much more reliable. They will always show up at the pick-up location and drop you at the destination on time. Concierge services always train their drivers to make sure that they are familiar with all the navigation tools to get around the city.
  • Value for Money – It is a known fact that these VIP concierge services are always more expensive as compared to public transport and uber. The reason why people still opt for them is their value for money. The comfort and luxury provided by these cars are unmatchable. Always remember, you are not spending just for that posh car. You are spending for the entire experience it exudes. Although uber also has a black car service its policies regarding the car and driver are not as thorough as it can get.

True Concierge provides its clients with the best professional services possible. Its aim is to make sure that the clients get a luxurious experience that they can never forget. You would always get here exactly what you paid for. In life, you deserve more than an average experience.