Vinyl plank flooring that truly mimics hardwood

Have you ever wondered that you don’t have to invest much to get the look of a hardwood floor? Yes, you are right. At the minimum possible price, Vinyl flooring truly mimics the wonder all the hardwood floors are finished with the thick wear layer or plastic coating to provide a comfortable walk. Wood is there to give the right visuals. The same is the case of vinyl flooring. Vinyl is perhaps plastic, but bow you can it with the photographic illustrations of real wood. 

Vinyl flooring exists in various types, such as vinyl rolls, vinyl tiles, and vinyl planks. But staying with this article, the flooring that mimics strong with the hardwood is the luxury vinyl plank. This is premium quality flooring loaded with the 3D realistic visuals of real hardwood.

If you are more concerned, keep in mind that vinyl planks also exist in a rectangular shape, just like real wood planks.

Hickory Wood

Vinyl plank flooring in Columbus looks incredible in the darker tones. You can go for the hickory species that provide the darker stains for getting the most out of it. You can get Mannington’s Adura hickory vinyl plank flooring in bevelled 5×48 inches planks. It is one of the thin vinyl floorings yet highly cost-effective.

Light Oak Wood

Luxury vinyl plank flooring has also got the opportunity to develop light oak wood-like textures. You can get this premium look from the shaws luxury vinyl plank flooring collection. Chatham is one of the large vinyl planks that exist in 48×5.9 inches of size. It is a floating floor with12-mil wear layer and medium gloss finish. It is available from $6.50 to $7.5. Undoubtedly this is durable flooring with the right thickness level.

Medium-Dark Oak Wood

Shaw’s vinyl plank flooring ranges from economical to expensive. It is one of the best ranges that Shaw offers. Kudos to Shaw. This is medium-dark oak vinyl plank flooring in Columbus with the size of 7.09×36.22 inches. These planks exist in a wide range of small and large planks.

Teak Wood

Teak wood from the tropics is now in your home. You cannot install the teak wood directly to your home. If you have ever wished to install this luxurious floor, you can opt for vinyl in this regard. Vinyl powerfully simulates the teak look.

These Mannington Adura teak wood vinyl planks are 4mm thick and measure 4 x 36 inches. These vinyl planks require a glued-down installation mechanism.

Chestnut Wood

You would have to struggle a lot to find this look for your home. It’s an extraordinarily unique and tight-grained wood from a chestnut tree. It is rock hard and does not develop scratches. Armstrong deals with chestnut vinyl floors. These planks are long and narrow. It works in a floating manner and does not require any adhesives for its installation. Additionally, it does not require any refinishing. 

Walnut Wood 

Walnut wood for luxury vinyl planks strongly resembles the honey-warm glow. There is no need for any reseal or restain. Armstrong walnut wood vinyl flooring strongly mimics the look of American walnut wood. These planks come in 48×6 inches from all dimensions. It is one of the great options for highly lit Ares. 

Dark Oak Wood

For dark oak wood-like luxury vinyl plank flooring, karndean is undoubtedly a leading name. This brand is offering an ample variety of vinyl flooring that genuinely mimics the dark oak look. You can find out the choices for both the summer and winter seasons. Find out the option that gets darker gradually with time. 

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Maple Wood

In case you are finding a wood-like flooring for your bathrooms, maple flooring will be the most accurate choice for your home. Now the struggle is over to find out this premium look for moisture-prone areas. Keep in mind, never opt for laminate, hardwood, engineered wood, or birch veneer for bathrooms; all of these floorings will not work in these places. For bathrooms and kitchens, try to find synthetic floors rather than natural ones. 


Now it’s not difficult to have a luxurious hardwood look that provides a comfortable walk. Luxury vinyl planks exist in a wide variety, and you can select the one that suits your home interior and the nature of traffic. Vinyl plank flooring is one of the most affordable yet most authentic floorings you can opt for regardless of your home style.

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