Web Development Guide for Beginners

Do you wonder why some websites rank higher than others? It is a web developer working behind the scenes to make it possible. Web development is the process of developing, creating, and maintaining websites. It includes different aspects of website development like designing, publishing, programming, and database management.

Want to pursue a career in web development? Pay attention to the information below. First, let us start from the basics.

  • What is Web Development?

Web development is the non-graphic aspect of website development. It includes building static and dynamic web pages, coding, content development, and website testing. The web developer works in coordination with graphic designers, cybersecurity and networking professionals.

What Makes Web Development So Important?

Websites comprise of not only the GUI (Graphical User Interface). There are many hidden features working behind the scenes to make it functional. The way a website is designed has an impact on how it functions and behaves.

Apart from this, there are 2 major reasons that make website development so important.

1. Updated Security

Every website resides within a virtual environment. This virtual environment offers users information on any topic. But it is also open to numerous infections and cyberattacks. Website development makes sure the website is safe from unauthorized access through a bevy of security measures. Join the web development training in ambala to learn the secrets to building a safe website.

2. Improves Performance

Any website with incomplete features and slow loading time attracts a negative reaction from online visitors. Web development ensures that a website has all the necessary features to function to its optimum capacity. As a web developer it is your responsibility to ensure the website visitor has a great experience browsing the site.

Do you know about the different types of web development? Keep reading to know.

Different Types of Web Development

Given below are 3 types of web development.

1. Front-End

Front-end web development is concerned with what the user sees and how they interact with the website. As a front-end developer you have to work on the visual aspects of the website. These include choosing the right page layout, navigation style, graphic design, and typography. In short, you work to offer a smooth user-experience to the website visitor.

2. Back-End

The back-end web development focuses less on the visual appeal. It is more concerned with developing a robust website code which is easy to maintain and update. As a back-end web developer you work on aspects of a website which are not visible to the normal user. It includes working on payment proccesses and cybersecurity solutions to keep the site safe from hackers.

3 .Full-Stack

The term “full-stack” refers to different technologies needed to make the website functional. For example, a web page that allows the customers to purchase a product. The page includes everything that depicts the brand’s identity.

Beneath that an E-commerce cart would handle purchases, then a security module monitors traffic and protects the site from malware. As a full-stack web developer you have to be proficient in all these systems. The PHP training in Ambala can help you do this with ease.

Becoming a web developer offers you some amazing benefits. Want to know what these are? Keep reading.

Benefits of Being a Web Developer

1. Remote Work

Yes! Becoming a web developer does not mean you have to sit on a desk at a 9 to 5 job. You have ample opportunities to make extra bank apart from the regular job. So, one day you can be at home working for a client while the next day sit in a cafe.

2. Independence

No more working under a boss and listening to their complaints. Becoming a web developer also opens doors to freelancing. This means you go out in the world as a beginner and over time open a business specializing in website development. It is one of the major perks you enjoy after completing the web development training in ambala.

3. A Promising Career

Web development is your ticket to the IT industry. In this age of digital marketing there is no business that does not looks for someone to develop its website. In short, there is no shortage of demand of web developers. Moreover, top companies and MNCs are willing to pay top dollar for someone who can take care of their online presence.

4. No End to Creativity

The fun part about being web developer is there are no limitations to how much creative you can be. Instead of looking at a website and thinking “I wish I could do that”, you have the tools and skills to create better than it.


There is no end to what you can do in the field of website development. But, for that to happen you need the right set of skills and techniques. Join the web development training in Ambala to learn the skillset to become an ace web developer.

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