What are common mistakes to avoid during Kitchen Design?

The kitchen is considered to be the most important part of any home as most of the time of women is spent here while cooking, serving, cleaning and scheduling meals. Most of the time while designing a kitchen it is overlooked to make them the part of the design that leads to serious problems later on. For example, everyone pays attention to the interior, lighting, cabinets, paints, walls and everything another thing that contributes to the look of the kitchen but the main factor is its functionality and easy to use quality is ignored.

It is an important aspect to spend proper time on its design to overcome various issues. For this purpose, you can hire any professional from Food Truck Kitchen design or from Dubai Fit Out to make sure that everything is smooth and in its proper place. Here are some of the mistakes are highlighted to help you out with this.

1) Insufficient Storage:

The kitchen is all about cooking but one of the main features is to store things for later use like big utensils that are only used on some of the functions when a large num of people are invited. Many other appliances are also stored for later use so there must be a proper storage place to avoid any mess and there should be only some of the items to show off.

2) Poor Kitchen Triangle:

A proper kitchen Triangle means that the three main things of the kitchen the stove, the refrigerator and the sink are equally distanced to ensure productivity. But in most the s, this triangle is not followed and that leads to inefficiency.

3) Poor Lighting:

There is another issue that is to use proper lighting in the kitchen area to make it easy to use at night or in bad weather. Some of the people use lights that are only good looking but not
suitable for cooking timings so the lights must be selected with proper strategy.

4) Bad ventilation:

While cooking the heat and smell can be reduced through the ventilation but what if you have

not managed it well. There must be a system of good ventilation to maintain the temperature of the home as well as appliances.

5) No garbage space:

There must be a place for garbage to recycle and dispose of. If not managed according to it can lead to a bad smell or any other serious health- related issues.

6) Maintain a budget:

While designing or remodeling the kitchen most of the professionals estimate that 20% of the budget is reserved for the kitchen renovation out of the total home expenditures. So there must be pre- budget planning for home or kitchen renovation.

7) Style and Colour:

While designing your kitchen try to use natural colours as they are in trend always and use some wallpapers. That are easy to change when you want to sell them after some time. Use handmade and crafts that are easy to use and can be changed.

8) Blocking Windows:

It is not recommended to cover open spaces or block windows but to use them for ventilation. They can be a good source of air crossing during the summer season or while cooking.

9) Single lighting:

Single lighting is using only one light in the whole kitchen and it’s not a good idea as there must be separate lightings for the stove, cabinets and storage to increase efficiency.

10) Dead corner spaces:

Dead corner spaces are the areas of the kitchen that are not used because they are not in easy

approach. So they can be converted to storage spaces or to put any accessories to make them useful.

11) No Chimney:

Having a chimney in the kitchen is best because it works as an exhaust to pull smoke or any bad smells without damaging the interior of the kitchen so there must be a chimney in the kitchen.

12) Proper Height:

Make sure that all the shelves or cabinets are accessible as per your height while designing. Otherwise this all will be of no use if you can not put or take anything from the cabinet without the help of anyone else.

13) Small appliances:

Most of the time the extra space for the kitchen is not that much to put large or big appliances or accessories so put attention to their size while purchasing them and try to buy small size appliances to make them adjustable according to the available space.

14) Countertop ideas:

Countertops must be proper in size to ensure productivity and efficiency. Most of the time you make extra shelves and cabinets. And also there is no proper space left for the counter so it must be considered while designing the best kitchen.

15) Energy efficient gadgets:

Energy- efficient gadgets must be f designing a kitchen as these use less energy in a proper way to minimize your expenses. Try to use energy- efficient appliances to ensure productivity.


These can be the major things to consider while designing or renovating kitchen space. It’s very hectic to account for everything. But you will know that it is worth spending time on these all to avoid any inconvenience in later stages. Use proper lighting, colour, decorations, garbage space,

good ventilation and e counter to ensure productivity. You can take help from Home renovation Dubai to make sure that the kitchen Triangle is at its proper place.

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