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What Happens If We Suspend Selectivity Or Do Not Give Us The Grade?



Every year, thousands of students face selectivity full of nerves, doubts and hope. Unfortunately, things don’t always go the way you want them to, but that doesn’t mean that we have to settle for studying something we don’t like.

Let’s see what options we have:

If we suspend

If we have suspended the first call for selectivity, we can spend the summer preparing access and re-present ourselves in September with things a little clearer. In addition, the nerves will be more controlled because we already know what the exam will be like.

You have to organize well and set a fixed study schedule so that in September we take everything well prepared. With three months of preparation, we will have time to study at a different pace (a couple of hours a day five days a week will be more than enough). It is a good time to try other study techniques and to take many selectivity exams. Remember that universities upload all the exams from past years to the internet and that taking exams is always the best study technique you can use.

If we have approved but the grade is not enough

The first thing we must do is inform ourselves well of the cut-off marks of all the universities in which the degree that interests us is taught. It must be taken into account that the cut-off marks vary according to the autonomous communities and universities. We may not need to raise a grade, just consider other possibilities. We can do the first year in another community or in a private university and then request a transfer of record or simply leave our comfort zone and enter the unknown, what an adventure!

If we need more points to study what we want, we can always show up in September to raise the grade; carry out the general phase, the specific phase or both, and even change subjects, but do not take individual subjects from the general phase. And also, it is impossible for us to lower the grade, because the exam that obtained the highest score will always be saved.

If we opt for a higher cycle

If we choose to do a professional training cycle to access the career that we like once we obtain the title, the entrance mark will be the average mark of the cycle, so this is also an option to consider because there will even be subjects that are can validate and we will gain technical experience to colleagues who have accessed directly. In addition, if the average of the upper cycle does not reach us again, we can do the specific part of the EBAU to raise the grade.

If we want to introduce ourselves until it’s perfect

Before there were four calls to access the university and it is over, but with the EBAU, that limit is eliminated, so we can rest easy because we can present ourselves as many times as we want.

The important thing is to be able to choose the career that we like the most so that later we do not find ourselves frustrated studying studies that we are not passionate about and having to decide whether to change in the middle of the course.

According to ghostwriting company near me they ask getting the career of our dreams is the most rewarding thing there is; so the important thing is not to give up, study hard and follow our advice on the blog so that we can help you.

Good luck!