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What Happens When You Don’t Focus Studying: Downsides In Detail


What Happens When You Don’t Focus Studying

You may not like studying. You may have finished all compulsory education and have even taken the selection because it is what is expected of you. What your friends do or what your parents tell you. However, doing all those things due to social pressure may produce your great internal frustration and many doubts.

You have to choose very soon

The system is designed so that we follow a maturity course established several generations ago: when people had their lives made at 20 years old and at 30 they were thinking about how to move up in their work and already raising several children. Society pushes us to be productive as soon as possible to keep the machine running, but not all of us mature at the same speed and we do not all have a clear vocation from childhood.

What happens is that, at this point, you have to choose and you have to do it well. We cannot change society, nor can we live off the air or on our relatives by the face, so there is no other choice but to do something.

What options do you have?

This is what you have to think about:

You really don’t like studying? You may not have liked school or institute, you may not have been interested in most of the subjects, you may not know what to do with your life and studying without a specific purpose makes you feel lost.

If what happens is that no career attracts your attention, but you have liked some subjects that you have studied throughout your life, then you need a plan B:

Maybe it’s time to stop. It may take a year or two to really see what you want to do, but without throwing in the towel. It is one thing that you know that you do not like to study and another that you only like to study some things. Use this time to do some research, to look at different professions and see which one you would like to do in the future. Travel, learn languages, get to know other realities and come back with clearer ideas.

You have to take into account the family finances, because your parents do not have to subsidize something like that, but if you search well, surely you will find many options. You can go to volunteer in exchange for food and accommodation, you can travel to the antipodes to work as a temporary worker for a more than decent salary that will allow you to save while doing a priceless linguistic immersion. you can look for unskilled jobs in others countries … The important thing is that this time is an investment in your future, an apprenticeship that allows you to know yourself better and find your way.

If due to family charges or other issues you cannot leave, take advantage of this time to do things that interest you within your city. Look for different jobs and do not stay long in any. It’s about experimenting, not accommodating. Look for volunteers in your area, go to language exchange meetings, talk to professionals from different sectors and ask them about their experiences, read, research, learn, take INEM courses, go to exhibitions, congresses or wherever you want, but don’t stop and stay playing the PlayStation on the couch, because it is important that you take advantage of your time even if it is not how others expect you to.

What if you really don’t like studying?

we believe that studying a university degree is a wonderful experience. That access to education opens up a world of knowledge that improves us as people, that allows us to reach our full potential and prepares us to have a better vision of the world, but we know that this does not depend only on studying a career, but on the will and curiosity of the student to go further and become passionate about what they do.

If right now you feel that this is not for you, if you know that you do not like to study, it does not make you happy and you have a more technical vocation, then there is nothing more to talk about. In any society, doctors, teachers, engineers, scientists or artists are needed, but chefs, mechanics, cleaning professionals, garbage men, plumbers or electricians are needed just as much. Mostly ghostwriting company near me ask that some professions are more valuable than others is a classist and elitist social construction.

The only thing we can tell you is to do what satisfies you the most and to prepare yourself well: if you want to be a mechanic, study, if you want to be a cook, an electrician, a hairdresser or a plumber, too. Train yourself properly to be good at your profession and enjoy it.

And stay with one important thing: the decisions you make now are not as decisive as they are painted. Perhaps after a few years working in a workshop, you decide that you want to do engineering; Perhaps after working for a while in restoration, you choose to study Tourism. Nothing is immovable and it is never too late.