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Who Is the CRO Specialist and What Does He Do


CRO Specialist

The CRO Specialist is a professional expert in Conversion Rate Optimization, that is, in the optimization of the conversion rate: who he is, what he does and why this professional figure is so important

Increasingly, in digital marketing, we hear about conversion rate optimization or Conversion Rate Optimization .

What is also commonly called CRO in jargon is one of the most important activities in web marketing because it represents the set of techniques and strategies aimed at maximizing the share of users who turn into customers.

This activity does not concern a single specific area, but intervenes on different aspects, solving details and nuances not always perceptible by those who are not particularly experienced.

For this reason, in recent times, the figure of the CRO Specialist , that is the expert in Conversion Rate Optimization techniques , is becoming increasingly important . Now let’s see, specifically, what the CRO Specialist is and what it does.

What is CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization

Before delving into who the CRO Specialist is and what he does, it is necessary to clarify in more detail what Conversion Rate Optimization is , a formula that in USA is translated as “conversion rate optimization”.

The acronym CRO refers specifically to the practice aimed at increasing the conversion rate, i.e. the share of users who perform a specific (measurable) action considered important for the company in terms of engagement or monetary value, such as for example the purchase of a product, the download of a file or the subscription to a newsletter.

The conversion rate is calculated by dividing the number of shares by the (unique) visits and multiplying everything by 100.

Who is the CRO Specialist

As we have already had the opportunity to underline, the complexity of this specific activity, in which various web marketing actions intersect, has naturally led to the birth of an ad hoc figure able to carefully handle the set of techniques and strategies aimed at optimizing the conversion rate. This figure is the aforementioned CRO Specialist.

The job of a CRO Specialist is to increase company-relevant conversions within the website or application. The goal is twofold: to optimize the user experience on the website and app and ensure the achievement of the company’s objectives .

At the moment, there are no ad hoc academic paths to take on the position of CRO Specialist, but to fill this figure it is necessary to have some specific skills , which may come from different fields.

A certainly central aspect for the Conversion Optimization Rate is that of the User Experience : a CRO Specialist must know the improvements that can be made to a site or app, also based on the needs and problems of users. A UX Designer , therefore, certainly possesses some of the skills necessary to carry out the work of the CRO Specialist.

Similarly, a good CRO Specialist also has skills in Neuro Marketing (to understand user behavior and push them to take relevant actions for the company), Web Analytics (to interpret numbers), statistics (to manage tests A / B) and coding (to personally carry out modifications that do not necessarily require the intervention of another specialist).

What does the CRO Specialist do and what tools does it use

The work of a CRO Specialist necessarily starts from the heuristic analysis of the performance of the site or app , based on information obtained from Analytics data, but also through heat maps and surveys.

The first step, in fact, is to understand any existing problems in a website or app. Thanks to conversion tracking and the other tools mentioned above, a CRO Specialist is able to ensure greater control over the way in which potential customers interact with the site or app and on their paths towards conversion.

The next step is to reduce any obstacles to conversion. Once the KPIs ( Key Performance Indicators ) have been defined , the CRO Specialist implements a series of Marketing Automation operations to best customize the experience of each individual user according to their specific needs.

The continuous optimization work is made possible by A / B tests , i.e. those tests that propose two different versions of the site or app to the same number of users in order to have a clearer evaluation of the best solution.

The continuous monitoring of the results makes it possible to intervene at any time to carry out the necessary precautions : hence the need to have a CRO Specialist, capable of implementing specific actions and promptly assessing the possible consequences, in the short and long term.