Why is My Wavlink Extender Not Connecting to Internet

Wavlink extenders are one of the most preferred networking devices by users. However, users have reported about their WiFi extenders not connecting to the internet. Are you also facing the same issue? If yes, then walk through this post. Here, we will make you aware of the troubleshooting tips to reconnect your Wavlink WiFi extender to the internet.

Fixed: Wavlink Extender Not Connecting to Internet

Reboot the Extender

The first and foremost reason stopping your Wavlink extender from connecting to the internet might be technical glitches. Before these glitches make your extender completely non-functional, it is suggested that you get rid of them. No other method is better than rebooting the Wavlink extender.

Now, let us make you aware of the steps to reboot your Wavlink range extender:

Firstly, power off your Wavlink extender.

Unplug the extender from its respective wall outlet.

Let the extender rest for a while.

Re-plug your Wavlink extender into the wall socket.Lastly, power up your Wavlink range extender.

After rebooting the extender, check whether you get success in connecting it to the internet. If not, continue reading.

Strengthen Extender-Router Connection

Most users are unaware of the fact that the connection between the extender and the host router has too much to do with the internet. If the connection is weak, then forget about your Wavlink extender connecting to the internet. Thus, try to establish a strong connection between your WiFi devices.

If you have used a wireless source, then ensure that both devices are placed in close proximity. However, they shouldn’t be so close that their WiFi signals get clashed. If you have used a wired source to connect your WiFi devices, the physical condition of the Ethernet cable has a lot to do. Thus, make sure that the one in use is not damaged from any end. Also, make the connection finger-tight and check the internet connection by accessing the Wavlink login page.

Extender’s Location is Vital

The poor placement of your Wavlink extender might be another reason forcing to you face the extender not connecting to the internet issue. So, before you run out of time, relocate your extender to a zero-interference zone.

Ensure that you need to place your WiFi extender away from corners and concrete walls. Apart from this, do not keep your Wavlink extender near Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, cellular phones, refrigerators, televisions, treadmills, etc. Know that any metal or anything with a metal finishing can also impact your extender’s WiFi signals. Thus, try to place your extender far from them.

Bonus! Keep your Wavlink extender away from objects carrying a large amount of water. For example, fish tanks and indoor waterfall walls.

Contact Your ISP

Did you cross-check with your ISP about the internet issue from his end? No? Well, do it right now. Perhaps, your ISP is the one at the fault.

Just in case your ISP agrees that the connectivity issue has arisen from his end, give him some time to get the issue fixed.

Reset the Extender

If nothing has helped you in reconnecting your Wavlink range extender to the internet till now, then there are high chances that you did not configure your device properly. So, the time has come to do it now. But, before you do that, experts recommend resetting your Wavlink extender to the factory default mode.

Given below are the steps that will help you reset the Wavlink extender:

Ensure that the extender is getting a flawless power supply.

Now, locate the Reset button on the Wavlink range extender.

The moment you find the button, press it carefully.

Now, wait for your Wavlink WiFi extender to get restored to the factory default mode.

That’s how you can reset your extender. Once you do that, perform Wavlink setup  from scratch. This time you’ll definitely get success in connecting your extender to the internet.

Final Words

It is common to face the Wavlink extender not connecting to internet issue. However, by implementing the correct steps, you can easily fix the issue. Here’s to hope that the post will help you in getting the problem resolved. If yes, then leave a word of appreciation in the comment section.

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