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Why to consider Residential Freight Shipping?


Residential freight shipping delivers courier directly to the doorstep of the individual or organisation including the delivery of courier service Memphis TN.    Where other delivery services involve delivering the freight at the loading docks at a particular location, the residential freight is delivered to the receiver at his residence, workplace or organisation’s warehouse.  These services are highly availed by the e-commerce companies which sell a huge amount of packages daily and cater to the customers worldwide.

These residential freight services are highly availed by the customers considering the delivery is made to them and there is no problem of collecting the courier from anywhere.  The around the clock shipment is fast and can be monitored through tracking details provided by the company.

What are the benefits of residential freight shipping?

Residential freight shipping has proved to be highly useful for the businesses including healthcare, e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, retail, technology etc. where the delivery is required directly to the receiver and on time.  Moreover, it saves the sender and receiver from the hassle and stress of delivering bulky items on their own. Following are some of the benefits that can be derived from the residential freight shipment.

1) Transportation: 

There are times when individuals and businesses want to deliver less than truckload (LTL) which are not full but require a part of the truck to load the package and its size is bigger than a normal parcel size.  The receiver may find it easier and convenient to receive it at their doorstep instead of collecting from a particular local hub or location including courier service Memphis TN. In such situations, where the customer demands doorstep delivery and is not able to collect from a local point, residential freight provides direct transportation of the delivery.  Thus, the sender or receiver does not have to waste their time in selecting or hiring the vehicle, driving directly to the receiver, loading and unloading the item.

2) Cost-effective

The cost of delivering the package when the sender delivers directly to the receiver is pretty less when it is done by any reputed and reliable residential freight shipping. The residential freight provider includes the cost of shipping from one point to another, which is affordable and does not burn holes in the pocket of the sender or customer.  Due to bulk deliveries, residential freight shipment provider gains a competitive advantage over the others as well.

3) On-time delivery

It is possible to get not only on-time delivery of the package but the customer or receiver can schedule an expected date and time of delivery.  Therefore, this reduces the chances of missing any delivery in case the receiver is not present to receive the package.

4) Easy to track

The GPS tracking system and the computerised record-keeping allows the user and sender to track the location of the package from the point of collection, transit, till the delivery is made at the doorstep of the customer or business.  The sender or receiver can easily check out the package location by simply checking at the website of the service provider at any time and from anywhere.

5) Convenient

No wonder, both the sender and receiver are free from the stress of delivery of package.  The process and the system of availing residential freight are very simple and easy, there is no hassle of loading, picking, packing, delivering, transportation, or even excessive cost involved.

When you want to deliver any package via residential freight shipment anywhere throughout the world, then always insist on a reliable and reputed courier service provider. True Couriers provides residential freight shipment at affordable prices including courier service Memphis TN.  A trusted courier company will ensure that your package is delivered safely, timely, and without any damage. At True Couriers, we understand the importance, urgency and the value carried with your package. Hence, we take all the necessary steps to deliver your valuable packages directly to your doorstep with care.