Why Unreal Engine Is Ideal For Beginner Game Developers?

Are you prepared to create FPS games, RPGs, retro-style games, and more with the incredible Unreal Engine? Then you’re in for quite a treat!  Its robust graphical capabilities enable designers to create visually stunning games. In contrast, the Unreal Engine blueprinting system facilitates the creation of dream games by programmers and non-programmers. Before you become overwhelmed by the engine’s power, remember that everyone starts somewhere, and this tutorial is the perfect place to begin.

This blog will walk you through the initial steps of creating your first Unreal Engine game. This game is a 3D platformer with gems to collect and enemies to avoid. We will cover many of Unreal’s features, including level creation, blueprints, creating logic with nodes, and even user interface creation. Tell why most gamers declared Unreal engine Game Development Company had the best game company.

Overall, we’ll provide you with the necessary building blocks to start, so if you’re ready, let’s start creating our Unreal Engine platformer!

What Exactly Is A Game Engine?

A game engine is software developers use to create both large and small video games. Learning to use these game engines is one of the initial steps required for every game designer to create a successful game. Epic Games has been creating game development tools for decades, and its most recent release, Unreal Engine, exceeds all expectations for this type of software.

This high-end game engine, created by game developers for game developers, is no longer exclusive to multimillion-dollar studios. All levels of game designers now have the opportunity to implement their own ideas into an epic game.

What Is The Unreal Engine?

Epic Games is the developer of the Unreal Engine. This engine has created numerous AAA games, including Fortnite, Bioshock, Rocket League, and many others, focusing on 3D graphics.

Why is Unreal Engine Ideal for Beginners?

Here are a few reasons why Unreal Engine is ideal for novice game developers.

1. Real-Time Game Preview

Developing a video game was slow and cumbersome for many years. After placing objects within the engine, rendering and building times were required to determine how the game would look with lighting and code that had been compiled.

Using Unreal Engine, lighting effects are dynamic and updated in real-time! This feature will not only drastically accelerate game production, but it will also alter the rate at which you can develop working prototypes of games to test whether your ideas are viable. In addition to this real-time game preview, you can also generate a character without having to save your progress.

2. Drag-and-Drop Visual Programming

Programming will always be an essential component of game development, but you may not have much programming experience as a beginner.

Blueprint Visual Scripting is a revolutionary new drag-and-drop programming system utilized by Unreal Engine. Game designers can create all aspects of their game, including health systems, respawns, player movement, and more, directly from Blueprints without writing a single line of code. This new system is just as powerful as conventional programming techniques, and it can be used by individuals with little to no knowledge of game programming.

3. Availability Of The Source Code

Even though Unreal Engine has a brand-new visual scripting language, traditional programming may still be required to bring your game to life. With the release of Unreal Engine, Epic Games also released the engine’s full source code. This code, written in C++, is available for free on Github. Users have complete control over the working engine and can learn from, modify, and expand upon this code to create their own tools.

It’s unusual for a company to release the files that make their product function. This demonstrates that Epic Games is committed to ensuring game developers have access to all the resources they need to create what they want without restriction.

4. Easy To Develop For Mobile

Unreal Engine is renowned for its photorealism and extravagant graphics. With the most recent version of this incredible game development suite, Epic Games has made significant investments to ensure that the engine can develop on mobile platforms.

Epic Games has taken several novel measures to reduce the requirements for their high-end games to run on low-end devices. Blueprints can be used to automatically adjust the quality of a material based on the type of device being used to play the game. The ability to quickly package and test a game on a mobile device is a further helpful feature. There is no need to wait for it to compile and load for hours.

5. Pushing The Virtual Reality Movement

Virtual Reality is quickly becoming the hottest trend in gaming and technology; it was everywhere at last year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC).

Unreal Engine’s capacity to generate hyper-realistic environments enables it to generate immersive worlds for the Virtual Reality Experience. The Unreal Engine includes tools for creating complex cinematics, allowing game designers to experiment with novel methods of story delivery. How awesome would it be to watch a movie and be able to look around a scene in real-time? Make it a reality with Unreal Engine development.

6. A Dedicated Community

Finding a solution to a problem within a game engine is not always simple. Fortunately, Unreal Engine has the best community in the game development industry. Epic Games has done an excellent job of making all of the tool’s information accessible and easy to locate. As a new user, you can review extensive documentation to learn how to create anything you can imagine.

7. Thousands Of Assets And Examples On The Marketplace

As you progress in your understanding of level design, you will want to incorporate visually appealing assets into your game. You can find anything compatible with Unreal Engine on the marketplace, including custom environmental assets such as sci-fi pieces, pirate ships, and more.

While some of these are available for a fee, Epic has produced several free, high-quality assets for download. The best part is that you can use these assets in any game you intend to publish. You will also find sample content within the marketplace that you can access to learn how Epic created a particular level or game.


The engine is indeed free, but I would say that its greatest drawback is that it is a very greedy engine. To maximise the opportunities above, you must configure a powerful computer. As a beginner, not everyone can afford an open budget; if ten people want to start a project on the Unreal Engine, for instance, this would cost a fortune.

In general, I would recommend UE to anyone interested in entering the world of video game development, particularly in light of the fact that numerous large gaming companies are switching to UE, and statistics indicate that it will be the most popular engine in the coming years.

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