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World’s Most Thrilling Rides in 2021


Are you one of those daredevils that are in search of thrilling rides that will make your knees shiver? If your idea of adventure involves an adrenaline rush from an exhilarating ride, you need to continue reading on. Because today we’re going to tell you about some of the scariest jaw dropping rides that you can find anywhere on this planet. Whether it’s a ride from one of the parks in Dubai or someplace else on Earth, we’ve got everything in our list of the world’s scariest rides.

Parks in Dubai

On this note, let’s start the journey where the G-force will knock your senses and you’ll feel alive again!

Red Force

The Red Force is located in the Ferrari Land part of Port Aventura. It is one of the sleekest and fastest rides that you can find anywhere in Europe. This white knuckle ride makes your teeth clutch when it drops you from a height of 367 feet making you reach the ground in just 5 seconds.


The Tigris is an iconic thriller present in the Busch Gardens, Florida. This ride, as its name suggests, will give you a dose of the fast speed and agility of a tiger. The wild combination of the twists, tilts and drops of this ride will give you an intense adrenaline rush.  

Hair Raiser

Present in Ocean Park, Hongkong, the hair raise is a curly-whirly track of loops, sharp turns with lazy climbs and fast drops. This ride will definitely make your heart race the moment you enter its tracks after passing that scary clown face. It is present on a cliff overlooking the Deep Water Bay of the South China Sea and offers views of Hongkong Island.


Set in the mesmerising views of Mount Fuji, this enchanting coaster will take you on a stomach flipping adventure across the beauteous Japanese highland. When you reach the 259-feet high summit of this electrifying ride you’re rewarded with clear views of Mount Fuji.   

Alpine Coaster

Situated in the vscenic layout of Alpine, the Glacier 3000’s alpine coaster takes you on an electrifying adventure among the breathtaking views of Swiss Alpines. This ride is operational only through the months of May to September and runs under the influence of gravity. The riders are able to select their own speed. It’s bound to be thrilling even at a crawling speed as you’ll start from an altitude of 9,444 feet.

Wicker Man

The historic amusement park in Staffordshire is famous for its brazen rides and one of the most scandalous ones is Wicker Man. It will definitely leave your face pale with its bone-chilling effects that engulfs its labyrinth track. This bumpy ride will take you back in time with the charms of rickety wooden coaster charms with burning embers and effigies that burst into flames when touched.


Orlando is famous throughout the world for its abundant supply of themed amusement parks. With this, we’re going to tell you about the bad boy of the city that is the longest, tallest and fastest ride in the whole of Orlando, Mako. Named after one of the world’s fastest sharks, mako is just like its name suggests. It will take you through a virtual shipwreck where you’ll teem with marine life as you’re going at a speed of 73mph along a 4760 feet long track.


Experience thrill like never before with Europe’s longest dive coaster, Valkyria which has a 164-foot vertical drop. Located in the Gothenburg amusement park of Liseberg, Sweden, this amazing ride will give you goosebumps as it plummets you into an underground tunnel reaching a speed of 65mph.    

Formula Rossa

If you want to experience full Ferrari speed and throttle then Formula Rossa is perfect for you. Being the fastest roller coaster in the world, it will definitely quench your thirst for adventure and leave you asking for more! It will take you at a whopping speed of 150mph in just a mere fraction of 5 seconds. Unlike other rides, the Formula Rossa doesn’t end in a split second. Although it takes you faster than any other ride, it lasts for a time of 1.5 minutes as well.

T Express

Located in Everland theme park in Yongin, South Korea, the T Express is the world’s steepest roller coaster. The riders travel through an intricate wooden structure that makes one’s stomach flip. It’s definitely not for the weak-hearted as it sends you down a 77-degree angled track at a speed of 65mph. The backdrop of this amazing ride is the forest where you can see many nature trails that you can explore later on.

These are some of the world’s most frantic rides that you can find in different amusement parks across the globe.